Computer/6th Grade Religion
Instructor: Mrs. Lena Collins   
Please contact me at or 662-349-0900 ext. 105

Help us, God, each day to follow you along the way.
Help us to be kind like you in everything we say and do.
Typing is a very important skill for all of my students. With the new ACT Aspire test, each student will be required to select and type answers. I want to make sure that my students are able to complete all parts of the test.

Beginning in PK and K the students use games to match the letter on the screen with the letters on the keyboard. In 1st and 2nd, students use games to increase their speed while locating the letters on the keyboard. Beginning in 3rd grade, I work with the students on correct hand placement, accuracy, and speed. 3rd and 4th grade students use a program called Type to Learn 4 to learn correct hand placement and where the letters are located. 5th-8th grade students will be using There are practice lessons, games, and typing tests on this website. Grades will be given based on accuracy and wpm (words per minute).

WPM Goals by end of year
3rd grade - 10 WPM
4th grade - 15 WPM
5th grade - 25 WPM
6th grade - 35 WPM Assignments
5th grade
10/30 Period and Comma
11/6 Beginner Review 2
11/13 W,X, and ;
11/27 Q, Y, and P
12/4 Z and enter
12/11 Beginner Wrap Up
All of the Beginners Lessons must be completed by 12/19.

6th Grade
Beginner Review 2 due November 17

7th and 8th graders
7th grade - Advanced Lessons Skill Builder Drills due December 1
8th grade - Advanced Lessons Skill Builder Drills and Numbers Letters Numbers due December 5
Remind Messages
Internet Safety Grades 1-8
I am using a program sponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for our Internet Safety called Netsmartzkids (grades 1-5) and NSTeens (grades 6-8). There is great information about keeping our kids safe. The students really seem to enjoy the presentations, games, and videos. If you would like to check out the program, you can visit or
Mrs. Collins Computer Teacher
I am so excited to be teaching your children this year. I have many plans of what I would like to cover in computer class each week. Topics will include, internet safety, typing practice, document formatting, presentations, spreadsheets, and activities that reflect classroom lessons.

All students in grades 6-8 will be working with Google Classrooms to create, share and turn completed work in to the teachers. There will be a weekly computer assignment in Google Classroom. These assignments will be graded.

Remind will be used to send out important messages mainly to grades 6-8. Please use the following code: @computer17.
Renaisance Place - HomeConnect
If you would like to follow your child's progress in Accelerated Reading, Accelerated Math, and Math Facts in a Flash, you may use the button on the Home Page for Renaissance Place. Ask your child for his or her log-in. Once you are logged in, you can view scores on math practices and tests, see scores on reading tests and how many AR points your child has earned, and follow Math Facts in a Flash progress (Grades 1-5). Students may also use homeconnect to reprint and score practices and exercises, practice math facts (grades 1-5), and find new books to read for AR points. Please contact me if you have trouble accessing this information.
PK/K Computer
Students are working on learning how to click, drag, and drop through the activities on,, & Typing has been introduced by the activity Keyboard Zoo on ABCya.​
Virtus/Protection of Children - IMPORTANT
An important part of our school community is our Protection of Children training. We have this training for both students and parents. Once parents have been through the initial training that Mrs. Martin and Ms. Jones conduct in August there is ongoing training called Virtus. Virtus is a monthly program of online newsletters on important topics to help you keep your children safe. This newsletter will come the first full week of every month. The Diocese of Jackson and Bishop Kopazc are very committed to the Virtus program. It is important that we empower our students with the knowledge they need to be safe. As parents, it is our responsibility to watch, act, and teach our children about means of possible abuse.

Each month you will need to read the news article. It is our experience that the topics have been relevant to current topics of concern for us. If you fall behind in reading you will not be allowed to participate in activities that include our children such as field trips, class parties, coaching, and sponsoring activities, and sports. If you have any questions about access to your account please let us know. We will be glad to help you, If you know your login you may visit the Virtus website at any time to log-in to your account. The site is

You should read your article the week it is received. Mrs. Martin will post in principal updates when the article and comes out and when you should have it read. Thank you for your cooperation.
Class Homework
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